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Blue Planet Aquahouse (HK) Ltd. has been established since May 2005. It already has an established reputation for quality, and takes pride in the way we keep and sell fish. We feel that fish are not volunteers, so they should be looked after and maintained, using all the equipment necessarily to stimulate them and simulate as close as possible, the natural and non-hostile environment needed for them to live, breed and flourish.

This positive philosophy has been adopted for as long as Blue Planet has been trading, enabling us to go from strength to strength, to broaden our horizons to incorporate a service division and bring this beautiful world of aquatics to home and corporations in Hong Kong.

This is the combination of Blue Planet that allows us to say:

"Let ocean blend into lives

藍地球(香港)有限公司—成立於2005年, 主要業務包括零售、批發高質素海水魚及優質的水族器材、營造各類型大小魚缸及提供一站式的水族工程及保養服務。我們的主要目標是以專業的知識和優質的服務態度,令各愛好者能感受到飼養海水魚的樂趣。我們擁有多年的水族箱設計及製造經驗,為大型商場、辦公室、住宅建造優質、安全及運作良好的魚缸或珊瑚缸,並及提供完善的維修保養服務。